7 Summits Africa 2018 Team members

The mountain team of 5 will challenge 10 of Africa's highest peaks in 4 weeks in an extreme mountaineering challenge.
Carel Verhoef
7 Summits Africa concept creator and organiser. Safari guide and wildebeest whisperer by trade, and conservationist at heart. Carel grew up hiking but his first high altitude climb was Kilimanjaro with a client. He has become an experienced mountain guide, and expedition organiser. Known to embrace challenges and take the road less travelled- Carel is happiest exploring remote destinations needing protection through tourism numbers to preserve habitat.
Teshil Gangaram
Teshil has a plethora of climbing related trainings and certifications under his belt. Experience wise, he climbed his first peak at 13, has done Scottish winter climbing, alpine climbing in the French alps, traditional climbing and multi pitch climbs in the Blue mountains to mountaineering expedition in the Himalayas,and recently bagged Mt Elbrus.
Xavier König
After some years in a professional career, Xavier switched to an outdoor lifestyle with his qualification with rope access & climbs, working as a guide in Mauritius and photographing outdoor sports events. This new lifestyle inspires him to go further, discovering new mountain disciplines in Norway, trekking to Everest Base Camp and summiting a 6000m peak in the Nepalese Himalaya. 
Cuthbert Swai
Ahsante Tours founder and managing director, Cuthbert Swai is part of the 7Summits Africa 2018 team. Cuthbert is a legendary mountain guide with a great passion for adventure. Despite his managerial duties at the office, he believes his true home is on Kilimanjaro and still leads a number of groups up Kili each year. He has inspired and trained many of guides and porters to become professional and committed to the service.
Methley Swai
Born and raised on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Methley is a mountain guide who organizes and take climbers up Mt. Kilimanjaro through his own trekking outfit called Just-Kilimanjaro. He is passionate about climbing mountains, with additional skills in the kitchen and guiding. What really attracted him to the idea (climbing Everest and training in Africa) is not for ourselves but for Africa. The idea of representing the continent appealed to Methley, who said, “To be a part of it is both a privilege and a honour.”
Sally Grierson
Hiker & lover of mountains, passionate about promoting mountaineering in East Africa. Sally was the only woman to successfully complete 7 Summits Africa 2017. This year, Sally will be the expedition manager, working from the ground to support the team on the mountains in 2018 with logistical support from travel arrangements to marketing and everything in between.