For the first time ever the 7SummitsAfrica expedition will broadcast this 7 week trip via live streaming, including summits and the surrounding attractions and wildlife in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and DRCongo East Africa.  All aspects of the expedition will be broadcast live via YouTube on a daily basis using smartphones and world leading satellite technology, supplied by AST.

The team will use the successful method used during #MaraLive (The World’s first live broadcast of the great wildebeest migration) and #KenyaLive (This campaign broadcast two world firsts: lion interaction at night in the Mara Conservancies, and the release of rehabilitated turtles back into the Indian Ocean in Watamu)


Reach Results of #kenyalive:

  • Twitter: 90,000,000 reach
  • Facebook: 1.5 mill reach
  • IG: More than 1 million
  • 395 pieces of Traditional Media coverage
  • Total Reach: 2.5 billion