The 7 Summits Africa 2021 Expedition

7 Summits Africa is an annual expedition of regional mountaineering, created by adventurers and conservationists to bring awareness to the unexplored technical mountains on the African continent. A powerful, beautiful, challenging mountaineering experience is possible by combining mountains and ranges in more than one country. The challenge is real and the expedition will happen again in late 2020.

In 2017 we climbed 7 African peaks in 7 weeks, back- to-back in 5 countries. We wanted to see if it could be done, and to capture some views from Africa’s highest vantage points, to promote mountaineering in East Africa and #conservationthroughtourism.

By 2018 we knew it was possible and then some – so a small team attempted 10 peaks in 4 weeks in 3 countries and successfully completed 9 of them, including a new route up Mawenzi in the 2018 expedition, before a well-earned break in 2019.

In 2020, we had lofty ambitions and had set our sights on a possible 27 of Africa’s highest peaks, in just 40 days and 3 countries.  There were more opportunities to participate– for mountaineers and non-technical climbers in the Rwenzori Range, Mt Kenya, Meru & Kilimanjaro. Sadly the Covid-19 global pandemic prevented the expedition. 


Having been humbled by 2020, we are back to climbing SEVEN Summits for 2021 in THREE countries (with a few side peaks where possible).  

Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya each offer unique challenges – from the equatorial glaciers in the Rwenzoris, to the altitude of Kilimanjaro and the sheer technical slopes of Nelion and Batian on Mt Kenya to end the challenge.  

The reasons behind #7SA2021 – Conservation Through Tourism

The mission for every summit we do is simple: to raise awareness of crucial causes that affect the mountains and their surrounding natural environment, people and animals – from endangered mountain gorillas to melting glaciers.

The overall goal is more challenging: to protect these areas and habitats by stimulating tourism to East Africa. This group of die-hard environmentalists and adventurers, knows that without sustainable tourism there’s no chance of preserving the nature and wildlife that exists in of one of the world’s most diverse and achingly beautiful regions.  

Conservation needs your visit – now more than ever. 

Where will #7SA2021 take place?

The team will cross three East African countries

  • Uganda: One of Africa’s most beautiful and dramatic natural environments, the Rwenzori’s, or ‘Mountains of the Moon’, are also among its least visited. They offer an example of nature at its most wild and untamed, with a range of scalable peaks.
  • Kenya: With its rugged glacier-clad summits and forested middle slopes, Mount Kenya is one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa. There are 12 remnant glaciers on the mountain, all receding rapidly, and four secondary peaks that sit at the head of the U-shaped glacial valleys
  • Tanzania: Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the largest volcanoes in the world. It has three main volcanic peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. With its snow-capped peak and glaciers, it is the highest mountain in Africa at 5895 metres above the rolling plains of northern Tanzania. Add in Mawenzi for the best views of Kilimanjaro.

When is #7SA2021?

02 November 2021: Start date in Entebbe, Uganda

03 December 2021: End date in Nanyukie, Kenya (32 days)

  • Uganda: 01-13 November 2021
  • Tanzania: 17-24 November 2021
  • Kenya: 24 Nov – 03 Dec 2021

Who can join #7SA20201?

The expedition is open to active and adventurous hikers and mountaineers, who are interested in protecting and presevering East Africa’s high mountain ranges – areas of crucial significance and beauty.