2021 Rwenzori Expedition Route

3 Summits: Peak Altitudes |4,890m |5,091m |5,109m (8 nights)

Mount Stanley, Mount Speke and Mount Baker, form a triangle enclosing the upper Bujuku Valley. All mountains in this range consist of multiple jagged peaks. The mountains are nearly perpetually covered in mists, rains with frequent thunder and lightning. Nowhere else in the world is there such an astonishing collection of bog, moss, and forests with untapped peaks to be climbed.

2021 Route Plan

We have 8 “on-mountain” days and will aim to summit 3 peaks including two peaks on Mt Stanley and one on Mt Speke. Mt Baker may be an option if time and weather permit. There is a proposed itinerary, however the number of peaks we actually attempt will depend on weather on the specific day of the expedition as well as the and ability and speeds of different people in the groups.

In the Rwenzori’s, #7SA2021 will walk in via the shortest route from Kilembe, (the central circuit on the route managed by RMS). It should take 3 days walking to Bujuku Hut, where we’ll spend 2 nights at the Bujuku Hut. This will be base camp to atempt Mt Speke.
From Bujuku, #7SA2021 will make their way up to Elena Hut – base for the next two nights. From Elena we will attempt Mt Stanley with Margherita (and Albert) in one day, then Alexandra Peak.
We then drop down to Kitandara Hut. This is the base for Mt Baker, which may or not be possible. It is on the route out to Guy Yeoman Hut, before heading out of the Rwenzori Range and travelling to Entebbe.

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