7 Summits Africa 2018 Itinerary Change Announcement

7 Summits Africa is sadly forced to remove Mt Nyiragongo from our 2018 itinerary due to the recent instability of the north-east Lake Kivu region, DR Congo. Based on advice from Virunga National Park and Virunga.org have we decided to excluded Mt Nyiragongo and Virunga from our 2018 expedition,  and we are re-looking at the itinerary. 

Mt Nyiragongo, Virunga
Mt Nyiragongo, Virunga

7 Summits Africa has 3 options to replace Mt Nyiragongo with the following Summits.  

  • Mt Baker (4844m) in the Rwenzori mountains, Uganda
  • Lenana Mt Kenya (4985m) on Mt Kenya, Kenya
  • Mt Mwenzi (5149m) on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The other 6 peaks that will make part of the 2018 and 2019 7 Summits Africa expeditions are Mt Karisimbi, Rwanda; Mt Speke and Stanley; Uganda, Batian, Nelion Mt Kenya; Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. 

The 7 Summits Africa 2018  itinerary includes the top 7 highest peaks on the African continent.

  1. Mt Kilimanjaro 5895m
  2. Mt Kenya (Batian) 5199m
  3. Mt Kenya (Nelion) 5188m
  4. Mt Kilimanjaro (Mawenzi) 5149m
  5. Mt Stanley (Margharita Peak) 5109m
  6. Mt Stanley (Alexandra Peak) 5091m
  7. Mt Stanley (Albert Peak) 5087m  
  8. Lenana point (Mt Kenya) 4985m
  9. Mt Speke (Rwenzoris) 4890m
  10. Mt Baker (Rwenzoris) 4844m
    And also includes
  11. Mt Meru (Tanzania) 4565m
  12. Mt Karisimbi (Rwanda) 4507m

7 Summits Africa stays committed to Virunga National Park and the conservation efforts that are taking place. We will try and include Nyiragongo and Virunga again during our 2019 expedition.  

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7 Summits Africa will update the change if itinerary as soon as the final summits have been confirmed.

Welcome to #7SummitsAfrica – Team Mauritius

One of the biggest fans during the 7 Summits Africa inaugural expedition in 2017, was an enthusiastic sports photographer and adventurer from Mauritius, named Xavier König.  Teaming up with the experienced Teshil Gangaram, the two Mauritians applied for the 2018 #7SummitsAfrica expedition.  This is the start of a Mt Everest attempt in 2020 with the team of African mountaineers. 7 Summits Africa will be announcing the rest of the team in the upcoming weeks.

7 Summits Africa is delighted to welcome Team Mauritius – Xavier and Teshil- to the team.  They have a facebook page dedicated to “Team Mauritius” so follow them as they share their stories from preparation to execution! Teshil has some exciting climbs lined up in Europe in the coming months, while Xavier will mostly train in Mauritius, throwing in some trekking and climbing on Reunion Island.  Shout out to their sponsors Mauritius Union Group

Xavier wrote a blog about his initial journey to join 7 Summits Africa, here’s his introduction…

“Around July/August 2017, probably while searching the net for information on THE seven summits, I stumbled on the website www.7summitsafrica.com by Great Migration Camps. Back then the site was promoting it as a new project and its inaugural expedition – climbing 7 mountains across 5 countries, in 7 weeks! Exciting stuff! On top of that you could support a cause associated with each mountain climb, mostly wildlife and conservation oriented but also including social causes like working conditions for porters on Mount Kilimanjaro. ” 

Read more from the talented Xavier on his Project page on Blastoff Creative , a Mauritian based company specialising in sports and adventure photography. Or get to know him and Teshil in person, by applying for a guest spot in 2018 – there are a couple of spaces available…

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7 Reasons the #7SummitsAfrica team is taking on the challenge

The #SummitsAfrica Challenge team are on their way up Mt. Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the first of 7 mountains they’ll climb in 7 weeks to raise awareness of 7 crucial causes.

The team (from left – back row): Thommo Hart, Ake Lindstrom, Gabriele Brown, Sibusiso Vilane, Jacques van Tonder, Jessica Flint, (front) Sally Grierson, Carel Verhoef and Patrick Thomas.

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