10 Mountain Peaks for 7 Summits Africa 2018 Adventurers!

Four mountaineers, with dreams of being part of the Pan African 2020/21 Mt Everest expedition, have begun climbing the Rwenzori mountains that straddle Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After tackling the massif, which includes Africa’s third-highest peak, the quartet, including Team Mauritius, will go on to summit six more African peaks, one after the other – a challenge initiated in 2017.

This is an expedition to select, train and share skills in preparation for Mt Everest,” said organiser and 7 Summits Africa pioneer, Carel Verhoef.  “This year we are making it even tougher than in 2017. We are attempting to climb Africa’s 10 highest peaks in just over four weeks – a technical climb up Mawenzi Peak on Kilimanjaro, is included in 2018″

There will be space for 10 climbers in 2019, for those that dare to follow in the footsteps of Team Mauritius. We encourage team entries to represent your country in the expedition.”

7 Summits Africa 2018 started on 6 November 2018 in the Rwenzori mountains, Uganda, East Africa. The 2018 team of 4 mountaineers is the first of the Mt Everest hopefuls that will make part of the Pan African 2020/21 Mt Everest expedition. 7 Summits Africa will give a team of 10 African mountaineers the opportunity to climb Mt Everest in 2020/21.

7 Summits Africa is an annual expedition of regional mountaineering, created by adventurers and conservationists to bring awareness to the unexplored technical mountains on the African continent. A powerful, beautiful, challenging mountaineering experience is possible by combining mountains and ranges in more than one country. The combined product and experience in East Africa is relatively affordable and exclusive, due to the anonymity of these incredible peaks. “Africa has the most beautiful mountains,” says Verhoef, “with enough technical and ice climbing opportunities, equatorial glaciers and more and is particularly challenging during the rainy and snowy seasons.”

This is all in line with the “conservation through tourism” model that attempts to bring mountaineers to the most unexplored and off the beaten path peaks. “This year we are adding a technical climb of Mawenzi Peak on Mt Kilimanjaro, a technical peak and the 4th highest on the continent. We want people to climb more mountains than the flagship summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. We want to challenge the adventurers and technical mountaineers.”, says Verhoef.

The challenge is real and the expedition will happen again in November 2019. There will be space for 10 climbers in 2019, for those that dare to follow in the footsteps of Team Mauritius (7 Summits Africa 2018 Representatives). We encourage team entries to represent your country in the expedition.

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7 Summits Africa 2018 Expedition dates released

7 Summits Africa 2018 Expedition dates released in preparation of the Brand Africa endorsed Pan-Africa Everest 2020 expedition, lead by African mountaineer Sibusiso Vilane.

7 Summits Africa released the dates of their 2018 #7SummitsAfrica Expedition in Nairobi, Kenya.  This follows the hugely successful inaugural 2017 expedition that conquered 7 African Mountain peaks in 7 weeks during November / December 2017 – www.7summitsafrica.com. The 7 Summits Africa 2018 Expedition will take place between 25 October and 7 December 2018 and be led by Sibusiso Vilane.

The 2018 and 2019 #7SummitsAfrica Expeditions will be utilized for selecting and training an African team for the 2020 Mt Everest attempt, sponsored by Brand Africa.  The next two Expeditions will not only prepare our African mountaineering team for the highest point on the planet, but it will again showcase the beauty and the bogs, the granite and the glaciers of the seven African peaks that make up the 7 Summits Africa Expeditions.

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